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jacket. Alexa Chapman
dress. Miss Circle
shoes. Paule Ka

Photographer Tiago Chediak directs our gaze past mirroring walls, off-licence shops and city highways, trying to find a connection between the human and the relentlessly cold urban, in this Schön! online editorial. Davis Carrasquillo imbues the street scenes with a distinct vintage feel and styles model Nastya Abramova in bold, colour-clashing pieces by Alexa Chapman, Victoria Hayes and Paule Ka. Tucking Abramova’s hair into everything from chokers to jackets, Anthony Joseph Hernandez creates a sleek hairstyle, while Jamie Dorman adds the finishing touches with kitten eyes and understated make up.

trenchcoat + trousers. Victoria Hayes
choker. Erickson Beamon
shoes. Sebastian Milano

jacket + dress. Miss Circle
shoes. Sebastian Milano
jacket. Marni for The Fur Salon @ Saks Fifth Avenue
top, skirt + necklace. Victoria Hayes
shoes. Sebastian Milano

jacket + trousers. Miss Circle
shoes. Sebastian Milano
scarf. Paule Ka
cuffs. Erickson Beamon
jacket + skirt. Mola Walker
bandanna. Paule Ka
shoes. Sebastian Milano

dress + jacket. Paule Ka
necklace + bracelet. Erickson Beamon
shoes. Sebastian Milano

jacket +dress. Paule Ka
shoes. Sebastian Milano
top. Victoria Hayes
jacket, skirt + belt. Paule Ka
gloves + stockings. Maison Close

This Schön! online exclusive has been produced by

photography. Tiago Chediak
fashion. Davis Carrasquillo
model. Nastya Abramova @ Wilhelmina NY
hair. Anthony Joseph Hernandez using Oribe
make up. Jamie Dorman using MAC cosmetics
executive production. Elizabeth Remigio
retouching. Victor Wagner


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