touched by youth

jumper. Grand Bassin by Sample-cm
trousers. Liam Hodges
full look. Grand Bassin by Sample-cm

Giuseppe Attanasio takes to the streets of London to photograph Rufus, Barnaby and Alexander, the boys who are still in the grip of youth for this Schön! online editorial. Fashion by Gianluca Cococcia sees them sporting looks that are just as playful as they are. Grooming by Amanda Perini is boyishly dishevelled and natural.

top + coat. Les Animaux
trousers. Blood Brothers

top. Les Animaux
jacket. Blood Brothers
suits. Bucceroni
harness. leather artefact

sweater. Blood Brothers
jeans. the ragged priest
coat. Liam Hodges
jeans. Les Animaux
red trousers. Collusion
coat. Liam Hodges

trousers. Mind your own business
tops. Selfmade

jumpers. Mind Your Own Business
top. Fila
trousers. Les Animaux + Blood Brothers

This Schön! online exclusive has been produced by

photography. Giuseppe Attanasio
fashion. Gianluca Cococcia
models. Rufus, Barnaby + Alexander @ 3MModels
grooming. Amanda Perini


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