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Take a peek into photographer Tessa Ruger‘s troubled recurring dream in this Schön! online editorial. Benjamin Aerts styles model Saana Mirzaie in Roy Kramer, Marianne Jongkind and others, with hair by Sophie Wortelboer and make up by Laura Yard.

top. Schepers + Bosman
hat. Marianne Jongkind

suit, shirt + tie. Ninamounah
shoes. Audela
earrings. Staring Back At Me

hat. Marianne Jongkind
dress. Alphonse Maitrepierre
gloves. Ferry Schiffelers
dress. Roy Kramer

dress. Roy Kramer
top shirt. Sonderlingstudios
bottom shirt. Vitatijme
coat. Alphonse Maitrepierre

top. Charles Antoine
earrings. Ferry Schiffelers

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