the berliners

In this exclusive story for Schön! online, the vibrancy of Berlin’s soulful allure is captured through the eyes of photographer and director Ämr Ezzeldinn. Produced by ANIMALWALL Studio, it features daring and captivating Hayden pieces envisioned and crafted by young designer Shaddy Ellian — known for his striving to empower women all over the world. Clad in outfits from the likes of Balenciaga, Margiela and D&G, we follow our models as they make their way around iconic East Berlin’s post-soviet neighbourhoods — places that mirror the models’ own strength. Meet The Berliners and discover Berlin’s contemporary culture.

Diana wears
jewellery. Hayden
outfit. Maison Margiela

Nicole wears
jewellery. Hayden
outfit. 22/4 Hommes Femmes
boots. Dawid Tomaszweszki

Charleen wears
jewellery + belt. Hayden
outfit. Balenciaga
boots. Dolce & Gabbana

Maca wears
bag. Hayden
outfit. Escada
boots. Trippin

Leslie wears
jewellery. Hayden
outfit. Monki
boots. Marc Fisher

jewellery. Hayden
coat. Marco Scaiano

photography + direction. Ämr Ezzeldinn
fashion. Sandra Hemmink
fashion assistants. Carla Pedersen and Livia De Franco
hair + make up. Eavan D 
sound design. Emre Baloglu
voice over. Liliana Doe
models. Charleen Weiss @ Miha Model Management, Diana Moroz @ ICONIC Management, Leslie Löwenherz @ M4 Models, Maca Cox @ Faze Models, Nicole Gregorczuk @ ICONIC Management + Stella Klein @ M4 Models

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