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Have you ever secretly wished you were … Sherlock Holmes? Or do you always figure out ‘who dun it?’ way before Miss Marple or Columbo get around to divulging the juicy details? If so, this next treat will excite you no end. Valentine’s is the perfect day to show your loved one how special they are, so why not surprise your very own Poirot with this gift of a romantic hunt around London?

The package titled ‘Cupid’s Conundrums’ is aimed at showing you London’s more amorous side. Following the cryptic text messages sent to your phone, you’ll find yourself wondering through glorious parks with history of their very own love stories or being led to a tucked away bar where – after asking the barman a coded question – you are given a glass of wine. It is less cloak and dagger and more Mills and Boons, however the fastest couple to answer all the clues correctly on hunts between 14th and 24th February will win a pair of tickets to a wine tasting. Whether you’re playing to win or you decide to spend the day at a more leisurely pace, Cupid’s Conundrums will be a great way to re-discover London.

For more details, visit: www.inthehiddencity.com

Words / Jade Thompson.
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