Blast Your BBQ Palette With Help From TABASCO

With the summer beating its best, the BBQ season is in full flow. And nowhere but in London do so many vibrant culinary cultures meet: from Nigerian communities, Asian areas to Caribbean centres – and every continent in between – we’ve got access to the world in one city. The common feature of all these gastronomies? Each and every one has a grill culture for you to be inspired by. We’re always on the hunt for something hot and spicy – bold, tangy mouthfuls of summer heat – and BBQs are the best spot to melt these flavours into one fun meal.

Funny then, that we’re stuck on the simple burger bun combination – familiar, but often bland: talk about overkill through repetition. Take a leaf from the TABASCO book – hot and spicy, the universal Louisiana pepper sauce is a perfect step forward when introducing new, rich flavours to your BBQ recipes. You can take our word – when it’s so easy to be inspired by your surroundings, spicing it up is an easy task.

It’s easy to travel with TABASCO – whirl your taste buds around the globe with a splash of the sauce, whether that be the Original red sauce directly in your Nigerian inspired burger mix, or for Filipino grilled chicken reinvented with a Green Jalapeño Sauce glaze. If you’re feeling on the piquant side, bring something new to the table with grilled cucumbers (hear us out) with Labneh, spiced up with a splash of TABASCO

So, branch out from your usual repertoire when your grill skills are on show this August. After all, the Millenials are here to expand horizons, and it starts socially, among friends and family, bringing a zesty, spicy vibe to the proceedings. Londoners have grown into the fabric of the city – full of the rich flavours of a multicultural landscape.

Be inspired and discover TABASCO recipes here.

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