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This week Schön! had the exclusive opportunity to visit the Hamburg factory of world famous piano makers Steinway & Sons and celebrate the launch of Heliconia, a new piano created in partnership with renowned French crystal maker Lalique. We might be heading towards the year 2016 but there are things that machines simply cannot do in the pursuit of perfection. In fact, there were no computers to be found in the Steinway factory; only meticulous craft and almost two centuries of experience. Every instrument is entirely handmade and created thanks to the dedication of every artisan at Steinway. Walking through the factory was an outstanding 4D sensory experience. The air was filled with the scent of the finest woods and lacquer: the primary elements of every creation. Everyone at Steinway is proud of what they do. They are aware of the immense value of their product but the true core of their values is a down to earth work ethic and passion for the highest quality; the essential ingredients for the best pianos in the world.

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Steinway Spread2With Steinway pianos, art is not simply and exclusively found in the beautiful music they produce. The instruments themselves are a piece of art. They are the sum of outstanding materials, superior technology but also of traditional craftsmanship and methods that have been passed down to each generation of the Steinway family contributing to make Henry E. Steinway’s legacy a guarantee of excellence to this day. Steinway pianos are masterpieces just like the melodies which innumerable artists play through them. These instruments are truly the result of years of passionate craftwork and attention to detail. Composed by more than 12.000 parts, each piano has its unique musical character achieved though a careful selection, cut and seasoning of the best solid woods which include spruce, whitewood, maple, mahogany and bubinga. Each piece is one of a kind and characterised by the unmistakable “Steinway Sound” which is achieved in complete silence by the infallible ears of the Steinway artisans.

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 For the creation of Heliconia, Steinway & Sons teamed up with Lalique on a quest for the achievement of harmonious beauty in a culmination of tradition, love of craftsmanship and elegance. The one of a kind Steinway & Sons grand pianos are embellished with 75 crystal Heliconia flowers, a signature motif created by Marie-Claude Lalique, the grand-daughter of René Lalique, absolute master of crystal and emblem of French luxury. In this international collaboration, each crystal flower is created at the Lalique factory in Winger-sur-Moder, Alsace and then carefully placed on stems of silver, on the legs and sides of each piano at the Steinway factory in Hamburg, Germany. Needless to say that the luminous crystal flowers are the perfect adornment for the Steinway piano. Whether you are a professional piano player or you are looking for a bespoke piece with premium woods and crystal embellishments, this is the instrument for you. 

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