silly me | behind the scenes with jess glynne

On the heels of her powerful performance at BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend last week, Jess Glynne is showing that now, at 33, she’s more in control and empowered than ever. This ethos is what powers Glynne’s latest single Silly Me, marking a shift in mindset, a change in label, and a new musical chapter beginning. It’s an ode to self-deprecation; not taking life seriously and embracing the mistakes she made up until this point in her life. 

While shooting the music video for Silly Me, which is shot by shot by avant-garde creative directors Vasso + Furman, Glynne sat down to talk about the inspiration behind the track, the fashion she wears throughout, and more.

Tell us about the Silly Me video – what were the themes and what attracted you to the concept?

I wanted this video to feel honest and vulnerable. We are most vulnerable in nature so that’s why I chose so many natural elements to compliment this. I wanted my fans to see and feel me and not be too distracted so they can listen to the lyrics. 

Where did you shoot the video?

We shot in Serbia. It was a really special day and it was very much anticipated for a while. It was incredible to have a new team and working with really special creatives who were all so supportive, talented and kind. 

I love how figure hugging this dress was in the water it allowed me to be in my body and move in certain ways without misshaping or making me look horrendous!

Talk us through some of the outfits – what are you wearing? 

Everything I chose to wear was very feminine as I really wanted to be the woman I feel in this visual. This song is about growing and this is where I am at. I’m a woman, I’m sexy, I’m vulnerable and I’m me. 

Do you have a favourite look? 

If I was forced to choose I would say the black look ‘cause I felt so amazing in it. 

I loves this look purely ‘cause I felt sexy and boss in it.

What’s your favourite scene in the video?

It’s so hard to choose a moment that is my favourite because I look at it all as one piece one visual with a journey and every moment feels important. 

How did this differ from your past music video shoots? 

There wasn’t one arrogant no good in the room. It was a blessed space with good people wanting to achieve the most!

The music video for Silly Me is out now.

photography. Jo’Lene Henry
creative direction. Jo’lene Henry + Mauro Fernandes Borges
fashion. Chloe Richardson
hair. Benjamin David
make up. Laura Yard
nails. Jenny Longworth
video direction. 
Furman + Vasso
executive production. Marija Djikic + Sam Holmes
production. Jordi Estapé Montserrat
management. Roc Nation Management
art. Milos Radovanovic
wardrobe. Kate Agyei
hair assistant. Hannah Godley


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