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Schön! proudly presents The Year of Return, a short film directed by Sofala Mai. The director included the following text about the piece.

The Year of Return is a fashion film that explores social isolation and its effect on creativity and identity. Through the use of symbolism, movement, and poetry this short film reflects on the process in which an artist finds inspiration, while also operating through the lens of destruction and grief. The film illustrates the reckoning that we all seem to be experiencing and shines light on a personal transformation during this period of unrest.

This project represents my personal journey of losing myself for a while, and finally returning to that self in a radical way. I’ve dedicated this piece to showcasing the beauty and creativity of black and brown women. This project was created with the idea of prioritizing working with women of color and I’m proud to say that most of our above the line crew were just that.

This Schön! online exclusive has been produced by

director + editor. Sofala Mai
producer. Gabriella Hanson
fashion. Star Burleigh
d.o.p. + colourist. Kayla Hoff
talent. Ephrata Abate
hair + make up. Christopher Miles + Jocelyn Johnson
voice over. Amelia Hammer Harris
music. Tauwoo Music
featured work. “Paradise” – Katie Benn, “The Weighing” – Jane Hirshfield + “The Summer of Death” – Rohini Kejriwa
1st ac. Adrian Nieto
ronin 2 op. Gabe Kimpson
production assistant. Damani Lenore
assistant stylist. Lily Shahinyan


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