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Our very own Mynxii White transports us to a fashion horror house in this Schön! online exclusive. Styled by Jules Wood in vintage Dior and Teatum Jones, our characters, perfectly portrayed by Cara Ruetz and Gillian Mcleod, make their way through Elyx House one haunted night and mystery ensues. Hair by Preston Wada, make up by Kade Gottlieb, and nails by  Denise Bourne provide the ultimate glam touch to the gory scene.

dress. Vintage Dior

dress. Vintage Dior

dress. Teatum Jones

Old Lady Wears
kaftan. Urban Zen
Young Girl Wears
dress. Vintage

This Schön! online exclusive has been produced by

photography + video. Mynxii White
fashion. Jules Wood
hair. Preston Wada
make up. Kade Gottlieb
nails. Denise Bourne
talent. Cara Ruetz + Gillian Mcleod
location. Elyx House


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