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Carlos, Clara and Bea are three young Andalusians living in Madrid, Spain.

Andalusian cultural identity has often been linked to negative stereotypes related to poverty and lack of education.

Our symbols are exploited by those who see in them an exoticism economically profitable. However, our accent and customs are frequently caricatured and ignored in the rest of the country. The protest movements in Andalusia in favor of the enhancement of our cultural elements are currently rising. With this piece we would like to be part of these movements, to reappropriate our symbols with a young and modern vision, hand in hand with a story free of stereotypes and complexes.

Our main inspiration for this film was Federico García Lorca, an Andalusian poet who was murdered at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War because of his homosexuality and political thoughts. This is a love letter to our origins, to freedom.

The above text was provided by the filmmakers. The film was directed by Bea Hohenleiter, Clara Cumpián and Carlos Folmo and features Gadea Candela, Angela Buquet and Celia Bermejo. Art direction is by Andrea Gandarillas, styling is by Selu Gómez, hair is by Sergio Jiménez and make up is by Isabella Ching. Nuria Taboada and Lucia Trapero are the directors of photography.

This Schön! online exclusive has been produced by

direction. Bea Hohenleiter, Clara Cumpián + Carlos Folmo
direction of photography. Nuria Taboada + Lucia Trapero
art direction. Andrea Gandarillas
fashion. Selu Gómez using Moises Nieto, Ariadna Becerra, 404 Studio, Hispanitas, Selu Molina, Laia Canales, Peoples Flowers + Cristina Junquera
talents. Gadea Candela, Angela Buquet + Celia Bermejo
make up. Isabella Ching
hair. Sergio Jiménez
editing. Adonis MR
sound. Anqi He
music. Marcos Carvajal Rodríguez
voice sound. Quique Macía
voice over. María Alfonsa Rosso
graphic design. Africa Pombo + Mo Samad

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