Schön! presents | girls in boys’ clothes

Australian talents Alice Stephens, Ramon Watkins and Louise Mullins team up to create this exquisite short film for Schön!. Evoking charm and passion, Abe Wynen captures the colours of youth. Shot on a mix of digital and Super 8 film, the film follows models Nayndng Mayan, Rosie Graham and Alexa Malone as they enjoy a Saturday night in the city. All clad in menswear clothes, reclaiming the expressive freedom to wear what we feel comfortable in.

This Schön! online exclusive was produced by

Directors / Alice Stephens & Ramon Watkins
Cinematography / Alice Stephens
Editor / Louise Mullins
Colourist / Abe Wynen
Designers / Alexandra Kirkwood & Eloise Lai
Music / Moody
Models / Nayndng Mayan, Rosie Graham & Alexa Malone
Assistant / Sid Wynen


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