Schön! presents | ballet

This poetic piece follows three young professional male ballet dancers on a journey to their studio. It follows the obstruction of the molds that are created around them in the ballet world and in life. It is about them breaking free from the conditioning of an aesthetic through the collective friendship that allows them to fall and get back up.

This film was directed by Allie Yonick with cinematography by Julian Lomaga. The ballerinos are Oliver Yonick, Ben Alex and Ross Allen. Editing for the film is by Paul Skinner.  

This Schön! online exclusive has been produced by

direction. Allie Yonick
cinematography. Julian Lomaga
focus pulling. Jonathan Braganolo
ballerinos. Oliver Yonick, Ben Alex + Ross Allen
editing. Paul Skinner
colour. Yuri Cabrera @ Kook Colour
music. David Louis Zuckerman
production company. Merchant

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