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You compare yourself to your friends on social networks, and it looks like you don’t have such a successful, interesting and great life. You feel more pressure on yourself and become apathetic. You should be successful. But how do you do this if you are disappointed in yourself?

‘Affirmations’ is directed by Alexandra Isakova. Sergey Kamenshchikov is the cinematographer, Julia Orlova serves as art director and stylist, Alexey Chernov edited the piece and sound design is by Danila Mikhalev. The affirmations themselves are composed by Elena Valiak.

This Schön! online exclusive has been produced by

direction. Alexandra Isakova
cinematography. Sergey Kamenshchikov
art direction + fashion. Julia Orlova 
editing. Alexey Chernov
sound designer. Danila Mikhalev
camera assistants. Anna Pronina + Sveta Gladilovich
art direction assistant. Katya Grubiy
affirmations. Elena Valiak

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