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jacket. Dirty Pineapple
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R&B star Miguel is back from a three-year break with a new EP and a BBC streetwear show. He shares how he’s making art with purpose.

When Grammy award-winning artist Miguel took a hiatus from music in 2018, he was at a crossroads. In the three years since, he got married to model and actress Nazanin Mandi Pimentel, but also faced his first real battle with grief after losing a close family member. Met with both the beauty of marriage and the fragility of time, he began to reassess his priorities. “One of the most valuable things would probably be not taking the real love in your life for granted,” he begins. “I have no regrets about the time I got to spend with the loved ones that I’ve lost.” A dim red light illuminates Miguel’s warm and inviting smile as he shares the highs, lows and lessons he’s learned during one of the most transitional periods of his life so far.

Miguel is on a quest for authentic connection in an age where the opposite has become the norm. His discography has always explored the thrills and fantasy of sex, love and lust. Now he’s ready to get more intimate. “Honesty is what I miss in the music. I’ve put up a front,” he admits. “I’ve smiled when there was a lot going on in the back of my mind, and I’m kind of getting to the point where I don’t want to do that anymore.”

coat. Israel Valencia
shirt. Dirty Pineapple
poncho. ton aguilar
trousers. Mercy X Mankind
boots. Dr. Martens
goggles. Polaroid
necklaces. David Yurman, Layers of Jewelry + AI Studios

jacket. Martin Asbjørn
top. Calvin Klein
necklaces. David Yurman
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necklaces. David Yurman

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