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As Season Two of The Boys hits our screens, actor Erin Moriarty reflects on what it takes to be a superhero in 2020.

The unfolding events of this year could have been taken straight from a dystopian movie. Like all of us, Erin Moriarty continues to grapple with the sheer brutality of the pandemic but is taking each day as it comes. Moriarty’s breakout role as Annie January in the superhero pastiche The Boys has also provided some much-needed respite from the gloom around us. While fans get ready to immerse themselves once again in a world where superheroes exist, Moriarty considers why the series now hits even closer to home.

No industry, including film and television, has been left untouched by the magnitude of the pandemic. Like many, Moriarty has found the past few months challenging. “Under circumstances like these, I don’t thrive,” she admits. “I’ve just been trying to figure out the things that keep me grounded and sane, but it’s hard to avoid the inevitable funk that we’re all feeling at the moment.”

Reconnecting with simple life pleasures has stopped Moriarty from spiralling. “I’ve been taking it day by day just to get through in the healthiest mindset possible,” she explains. “Staying connected with friends and those I’m really close to has been extremely grounding. The periods that have hit me the most have been when I’ve leaned the hardest into the isolation. Being able to take local trips in California has helped me to get out my head a little bit and expand my perspective.”

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