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full look. Marcelo Burlon County Of Milan


Meet Seth Phillips, otherwise known as Dude With Sign, the profile shaking up Instagram with its comedic street protests.

If you’re someone who stands up as soon as the plane lands, or use “no offense” before saying something possibly offensive, Seth Phillips – notably known as Dude With Sign – is here to stop you. If you’ve ever thought that the little mundane things in your day go unnoticed, Phillips is here to prove you wrong. “My content is based on putting things out there that anyone can relate to and that they don’t often talk about,” he explains. “You know, something that is low key but very true…I really get inspired by anything that happens that’s annoying, or popular things that everyone is using like dating apps or coffee.”

It all started during a brainstorming session at the F*** Jerry office, when Phillips and his colleagues thought of jotting down ‘stop replying to company wide emails’ on a random piece of cardboard. This piece of cardboard turned nothing into something as it “clearly popped off” across the Internet. “A week after this post was shared all over the Internet, it was kind of obvious that this should keep going since we knew that there were tonnes of messages we could put out there,” Phillips recalls. “So, every few days, I started noting things down on any piece of cardboard I could possibly find in the office. The rest is history!”

Discover the full editorial and our chat with Dude With Sign in Schön! 38. You can download your issue with this digital-only cover exclusively here

full look. Marcelo Burlon County Of Milan

This digital cover of Schön! 38 has been produced by

photography. Stephanie Pistel
fashion. Cornelius Lafayette
talent. Seth Phillips – Dude With Sign
grooming. Mark Alan Esparza
photography assistant. Matt Christian Jackson
location. Jane Ives Studio
retouch. Edwin Veer @ E-Light Art Productions
words. Amanda Breeze

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