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shoes. Yeezy
Fluff: Casual Cosmetics™️
Cosmetics Bronzer
Diamond Dust in Copper


Toying with close-ups, mid-body-shots and full-body-shots, photographer Ken Xun Cao immortalises models  Crystal Lim and Lochie Stonehouse as extraordinary creatures. Both Sebastian Hunt and Dylan Richards work together to place Stonehouse in a selection of goth-like garments, from brands such as Alyx Studio, Yeezy and Paris Georgia, accompanied with a melted-wax-mask. Meanwhile, Lochie Stonehouse uses Casual CosmeticsTM’s Cosmetics Bronzer and BioGlitz’s Diamond Dust in Copper to portray Lim as a golden goddess.

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jacket. Alyx Studio
jacket underneath. Yeezy
dress. Paris Georgia
mask. Melted wax

This Schön! 37 editorial has been produced by

photography. Ken Xun Cao 
make up. Lochie Stonehouse 
models. Crystal Lim + Lochie Stonehouse 
fashion. Sebastian Hunt + Dylan Richards

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