Schön! 13 ♂ / Garrett Neff

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©Schön! Magazine COVER: 
 Garrett Neff by Philipp Mueller & Laurent Dombrowicz ONLINE / PRINT RELEASE 
JULY 2011 SIZE: 
US LETTER 215.9 x 279.4 mm 232 pages DELIVERY TIME: 
(wherever you are) LUCKY THIRTEEN! Schön! Magazine is bringing the sex back to the sinister for Issue thirteen, as we introduce our new duo cover – a tribute to the force of the feminine and the masculine. 
We welcome the diverse talent of artists Drew Struzan and Christopher Moeller; we gain an insight into their long and illustrious careers. Investigating fashion heroes past and present, we reminisce about the life of the late and great Edith Head, and share a word with of-the-moment ‘Superblogger’ BryanBoy. 
 Photography and illustration collide in “Skin Ink”, as Diego Indraccolo and Pok U Chan join forces in an editorial that adds a rich new dimension to the classic nude shoot. Prepare to toughen up for the ferocious Rob Evans, new face of Givenchy, as he returns with a storm to our pages, unveiling the new collection from UNCONDITIONAL. The fabulous Kathy Griffin as she talks to Schön! about her personal journey, her lust for life and the importance of a good laugh. Welcome to the dark side. Unlucky thirteen? We think not! Xx Schön!