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Photography by Arkady Gluhih

April 2013 brought with it the innovative 18th Riga Fashion Week, with various fashion events and shows around the picturesque Latvian capital. The AW13/14 collections of established and up-and-coming designers and brands were unveiled, including Anna Led, Narciss and Alexandra Westfal). The international allure of the event was further lauded by the presence of Estonian fashion brand Pohjanhelmo, the Lithuanian designer, Ieva Daugirdaite, Lena Tsokalenko from Belarus and most notably, Comeforbreakfast from Italy, who were introduced to RGW by their international media partner Design42Day.com

For the majority of the invited international editors, the Riga Fashion Week kicked-off with the opening of Paviljons (Tērbatas street 55). A boutique that offers an outstanding variety of local and international brands in highly conceptualised interiors steeped in the local charm. Concept was also the word for the next event on the RFW agenda with the visit to Dzirnavu Street 53 and the ‘Fashion Laboratory by Qoo Qoo’. This ethical Latvian brand ‘with a conscious decision to produce all their garments locally’ presented a highly-memorable but cost-effective show, where the multitude of mesmerising prints and looks were shown using a projector and a single model in a white dress.

Photography by Mark Litvyakoff

The setting for the ‘Narciss’ catwalk very much created the mood for their ‘dark drama and fairy tale’ AW13/14 collection. The haunting use of candles on the catwalk and contrasting fabrics (wool/silk) in this collection, managed to underline the feminine strength and weaknesses, at times within a single creation. This Latvian label is no stranger to the UK consumer having been available on the fantastic ‘Not Just a Label’ online shop that supports and sells young global brands and design talents.

This season’s Riga Fashion Week also saw the launch of the Latvian designers online shop platform (www.CreativeLatvia.com) where all the showing designers will be able to sell their collections after each fashion week. This also serves as a golden opportunity for a savvy international shopper to almost immediately own a few unique items shown at RFW, and from fashion talent who -considering their home climate- certainly understand the real purpose of winter collections.
Without a doubt, the beautifully tailored coats seen at RFW designed by the Latvian Anna Led or Belarus Lena Tsokalenko, will certainly adorn the winter wardrobe of many a prominent international fashion editor.

Thanks to www.LiveRiga.com

Photography by Marc Litvyakoff

Words / Svetlana Knezevic
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