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Driven by the addictive delight to cofuse and surprise, Laura Moser and Nathalie Kamber have us hopping for a gleeful spring in this Schön! online editorial, celebrating all things rabbit related. Laura Moser curates a hare-raising spectacle with masks and makeup, taking models Tina Weber, Baguani Kiringi & Delia into a fantastic world, somewhere down the rabbit hole. Bright green easter grass transforms one of the restrooms into a hideaway for human bodies with monumental 3D Origami heads. Human or animal – animal or human? The borders blur. Hundreds of naked humans decorate the walls of the other space, a wallpaper of porn consumes the toilet tank and taps to offer the creatures an environment in which to be. Well concealed, camouflaged, stealthy but still present. And again the question: human or animal – animal or human?

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Dress / H&M
Suit / Custom Tailored in Thailand

This Schön! online exclusive was produced by

Photography / Nathalie Kamber
Fashion & Make Up / Laura Moser
Models / Tina Weber, Baguani Kiringi & Delia
Decor & Masks / Laura Moser & Nathalie Kamber
Photo Editing / Michael Brooks

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