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Everyone’s favourite Cuban rum brand Havana Club is set to redefine summer celebrations by releasing a limited-edition bottle for summer 2024, capturing the vibrant spirit of Cuba. This summer, Havana Club introduces a stunning new look for its renowned Havana Club Original – Añejo 3 Años. This award-winning gold rum, a staple in classic cocktails like Mojitos and Daiquiris, now features a dynamic and vibrant design that mirrors the lively streets of Havana.

Created in partnership with the innovative agency Golgotha, the limited-edition bottle is a lively homage to Cuban culture and Havana Club’s creative spirit. The label incorporates elements of Cuban heritage, adorned with vintage sticker motifs and holographic effects that reflect the city’s colorful essence. Drawing on Havana Club’s rich history and craftsmanship, the design invites consumers on a sensory journey through Havana’s streets. Each sip of the rum evokes the essence of Cuban culture and the unique Cuban mindset, known as La Cubanía.

To elevate the campaign, Golgotha collaborated with acclaimed French photographer Raphael Lugassy. Known for his luxury fashion campaigns, Lugassy’s images capture the essence of the new Havana Club release, making a strong impact on audiences worldwide. Jules Ferrer, Brand Manager Experience at Havana Club, comments, “Havana Club epitomizes summer with its Havana Club Original – Añejo 3 Años cocktails, reminiscent of sunset gatherings and good times with friends. This year, we’re thrilled to introduce a unique design for our summer limited-edition bottle, ensuring a season of unforgettable celebrations with Havana Club. We’re excited to bring a taste of Cuba’s vibrant culture to summer occasions worldwide, from our home island to the shores of Europe.”

The Havana Club Summer 2024 limited-edition bottle will be available starting in June in Cuba and across European bars and stores in over 20 markets, including France, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Portugal, Switzerland, and Greece. 


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