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Every story starts from the lips, from nostalgic tales of childhood being retold by lifelong friends to an intimate heart-to-heart between two lovers. The stories shared from our lips form our pasts and shape our futures, acting as a gateway to new experiences, friendships, and memories. No other make-up label celebrates this better than Gucci Beauty

Make-up is a transformative tool; a way to embrace different facets of oneself and highlight individuality without hiding behind a mask. A coat of lipstick doesn’t act like a shield — it is a nod to our past, present, and future selves. A muted pink can remind someone of a sunset and a bold red can remind another of eating an apple as a child. With a palette of hues that reflect the wearer’s lived experiences and unique characteristics, Gucci Beauty emboldens every individual to be their true selves — whoever they dream of being.



Nisha wears
all clothing throughout. Gucci LOVE PARADE collection
lipstick. Gucci Beauty Rouge de Beauté Brillant 515 Devotion
Rulan wears
lipstick. Gucci Beauty Rouge à Lèvres Liquide Mat 203 Mildred Rosewood

The beauty of make-up is that it truly is for everyone. Gone are the days when applying make-up is a gendered act used to hide flaws and conform to societal image pressures. Instead, make-up is now a part of one’s story; a way to reconnect with the inner self and experiment. With self-expression at the forefront of everything created by Gucci, this ethos is prevalent throughout the brand’s lipstick collection by handing the artistic power to the wearer. The collection, which includes a wide palette of rich pigments, gives anyone the freedom to break free of mundanity and seek out an aesthetic and feeling that they desire by mixing and blending shades. 

Every lipstick is different — from Rouge à Lèvres Voile’s sheer and luminous finish to Rouge à Lèvres Liquide Mat’s soft, matte finish that’s transfer-proof and weightless on the lips without sacrificing colour or hydration. Classic lipsticks, like Rouge à Lèvres Satin and Rouge à Lèvres Mat, are rich in pigment and provide long-lasting coverage. 

Lipsticks like Rouge de Beauté Brilliant and Baume à Lèvres give the wearer a sheen unseen before with the latter serving as a lip balm that gives natural smoothing and hydration and the former provides a long-lasting dewy finish that preserves the natural beauty of the lips. All of Gucci Beauty’s lipsticks include an array of ingredients like flower oils, fruit butters and hyaluronic acid to help enrich the lips by keeping them nourished and smooth.

The story brings the dreaminess felt through the label’s clothing — in particular Gucci’s Love Parade collection — paired with the expressionistic moldability of make-up, fusing together the unabashed shamelessness and pure naivety felt strongest in adolescence. Worshipping at the altar of freedom and expression, the label blends shades of youth, freedom and expression to create work that is equal parts playful and powerful. For National Lipstick Day, Gucci Beauty is using everyone’s go-to make-up choice to celebrate every unique individual’s story. 

Celebrate National Lipstick Day by exploring the entire collection at Gucci Beauty.

photography. Dennis Stenild
fashion. Johanna Ankelhed
model. Nisha @ Storm Models + Jessica F. @ Promod + Rulan @ Present Model Management
casting. Marina Fairfax
hair + make up. Jan Stuhr @ Le Management
manicurist. Louise Blom Olsen
production. Sheri Chiu
on set producer. Mathilde Stenild
photography assistant. Mathias Ribe
hair + make up assistant. Christinna Højholt
all clothing. Gucci LOVE PARADE collection

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