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This summer, RE/DONE’s Marketplace assortment expands with a unique collaboration with ODA PARIS. The 20th century-focused interior design agency & showroom led by Paris-based, husband and wife team Ève Ducroq and Arnaud Dollinger began as a mid-century home goods vendor at one of France’s most respected flea markets, Marché Paul Bert in Saint-Ouen. Now in their current installation space, the duo seeks to create atmospheres and find objects that recollect a juxtaposition of contexts, spaces, and elements evoking emotion and fostering new memories.

In line with RE/DONE’s exploration of rare collectables, sustainability and storytelling, the hand-picked collaborative Marketplace collection will feature out-of-the-ordinary, mid-century homeware treasures that cultivate environments to be lived in and shared. Bold and fluid shapes, vibrant colours and rare details of these small, decorative objects are an ode to summer and community, sure to be the focus of new memories made around the dinner table as we reunite after a long time apart. RE/DONE Marketplace + ODA PARIS’s one-of-a-kind pieces of wall art, table lamps, tea sets and ceramics will be available to shop exclusively on RE/DONE’s website and RE/DONE Melrose.

The duo behind ODA PARIS answered some questions about the collaboration.

What is your connection to RE/DONE? How did this collaboration of curation come about? Why did we select these specific items?

The connection between RE/DONE x ODA PARIS is a fusion of each other’s worlds. The collaboration is a collection of summer must-have homeware, made for embracing life with family and friends! 

For us, it was essential to have similar values. For our very first collaboration, we wanted to align with the right brand, and RE/DONE was a perfect fit with our values. We were very flattered to be able to do this collaboration with them. We loved working with the whole team — it was joyful, fluid and exciting, just like the entire collection we have chosen together! We share common convictions with RE/DONE, a different way of consuming, in the sense of sustainability, and also high quality requirements. RE/DONE wishes to preserve and enhance a know-how; for us it is the same thing through our selection of objects and furniture. We have in common a love for everything that vintage contains — its stories, its past lives. We find this in beautiful jeans, or in the patinated leather of a sofa.

For RE/DONE as for us, the quantities will always be limited and each piece will always be unique. When we imagine a decorative universe, we like that we perceive in our choices a feeling of rarity and singularity. We have totally found ourselves in agreement on this point with RE/DONE. We believe that this homeware collection conveys all of this, associated with a certain French and Californian glamor, a form of avant-garde, too — and the carefree moments shared with the people we love.

What is the backstory to one of your favourite pieces?

The Vinyle Suitcase “STP-80833” Nivico, Production JVC, Japan 1968/1970. The Victor Company of Japan, usually referred to as JVC, is a Japanese brand founded in 1927. In the 1960s, JVC est

ablished the Nivico (Nippon Victor Corporation) brand for developing a special line of televisions and stereos and started to import into the United States. JVC was a pioneer in quadraphonic sound, and their products were in high demand and eagerly awaited. This smartly designed lightweight portable turntable in a suitcase jumped out at us because we are passionate about hi-fi equipment. We love these objects because of the design, which is always very stylish. And we love the spirit of this Vinyle suitcase, because it reminds Arnaud of a British television series, Man in a Suitcase. The hero was a US agent who had been forced to resign from the service having been practically accused of treason. Working as a travelling private detective and traveling all over Europe, he has only one piece of luggage: a suitcase containing some clothes and his weapon. Apart from this story, most evident to us was that it is the perfect object to symbolise a joyful event, with a large summer table and with friends and family — putting on music, creating an atmosphere of fun and good vibes. We loved to develop this collection with RE/DONE.

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