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Canadian designers Wade Papin and Danielle Wilmore are the design duo behind jewellery label, Pyrrha.

Their intricately detailed, hand crafted wax seal pendants, necklaces, rings and earrings show remarkable skill and dedication to ancient techniques the designers are intensely passionate about.

The inspiration behind Pyrrha’s Seals line, which they are best known for, stems from their discovery of an old box of 19th century wax seals, which they were fortunate enough to stumble upon at an estate sale. Their skill of intermixing the past and the present extends to the brand’s name, Pyrrha, which comes from Greek mythology and intrinsically adds to the historical themes running through the duo’s collection.

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Papin and Wilmore’s signature line didn’t come easily. The self-taught duo underwent endless trial and error casting antique wax seals to evolve their enchanting pieces that often have imperfections from the cracks in the aged wax seals, which simply adds to the character of their unique collection.

To enhance the charm of Pyrrha’s line, each piece of jewellery has a personal symbolic meaning, where anchors offer hope, gryphons signify bravery and wings denote protection.

Papin and Wilmore are extremely conscious of the world around them and ensure that environmental responsibility is the fundamental priority of their impeccable jewellery items, which are made from bronze, reclaimed sterling silver, or 14k gold. Not only do they give a new life and purpose to the wax seals but they work to protect the environment, trying to eradicate the mass produced, throwaway society that we live in today, creating timeless pieces that will last a lifetime.

Pyrrha’s jewellery can be found all across the globe, from Liberty of London to Fred Segal of LA to United Arrows of Japan. It’s no wonder that the label has a celebrity fanbase including Scarlett Johansson, Reese Witherspoon and Jodie Foster, to name but a few and will almost certainly continue to expand in the imminent future.

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