proof of existence

dress. Ela Mejac
blazer. Nina Susmelj

Photographer Luke Paige reconnects with nature in this Schön! online editorial. Stylist Lara Ula Vidrih sheds lights on Slovenian fashion talent as she dresses model Marcelle Mendes in pieces by Ela Mejac, Nina Susmelj, Tjasa Zalar et al. Hair by Loui Ferry and makeup by Amber Rot round off the scene.

trousers, shirt, blouse + scarf. Tjasa Zalar
full look. Milka Marin

dress. Nelizabeta
full look. Milka Marin

coat. Tjasa Zalar

trousers, shirt + blazer. Matic Bizjak
shoes. Stylist’s Own
full look. Nina Susmelj

blazer. Rebeka Filipic

coat. Natasa Hrupic

This Schön! online exclusive has been produced by

photography. Luke Paige
fashion. Lara Ula Vidrih
model. Marcelle Mendes @ ZTModels
hair. Loui Ferry
make up. Amber Rot

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