plastic and portraiture: the peeps exhibition at netil house

The Peeps Exhibition at Netil House

On September 6th the Schön! team was lucky enough to attend a private view of the Peeps Exhibit, a brief show that featured the work of two exceptionally talented artists Sally Jane Fuerst and Luca Indraccolo together for the first time. Held in Nettle House, an warehouse space near London Fields in east London, the exhibit showcased the portraiture skills of the artists.

The Peeps Exhibition at Netil House

Fuerst’s work featured young women posing with inflatable toys, the plastic sheen of which hadn’t faded in the transition from life to canvas (the real things, or at least a selection of them, bobbed benignly in a corner of the cavernous space). Indraccolo showed technically gorgeous and unsettlingly intimate portraits , including a large-scale work of a man smoking a cigarette through a hole ripped in a medical facemask. You can learn more about Fuerst at her website @ and Indraccolo at his

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