Schön! Video presents |party with schön! at the rose club

In case you missed the delectable celebration of our tantalising 16th edition of Schön! Magazine on Thursday the 16th of February at The Rose Club, or you want to relive the spectacular night full of brilliant revelry watch this wonderful video by Jade Clarke for capturing a truly fabulous night.

The night began elegantly as our lovely guests were entertained by the impeccable musical stylings of Picture Book as well as the devilishly stunning DJ Jonbenet Blonde.

The gorgeously detailed Rose Club provided the perfect atmosphere for our guests as they divulged in intriguing conversation and a night filled with endless entertainment.

Our guests were treated with delicious cocktails concocted from CÎROC® Ultra-Premium, one of the world’s finest vodkas as they mingled with creatives from media, marketing, advertising and press.

Thank you to all of our lovely friends for celebrating in our decadent 16th issue of Schön! Magazine.

Film / Shot and edited by Jade Clarke for

Photography / Karolina Dudek

Once again, we would like to extend a kind thank you to all of our wonderful sponsors who made this event possible.

The Rose Club
CÎROC® Ultra-Premium
Hotel Chocolat
Løv Organic
Percy & Reed Hair
Dr. Lipp
Lachs Magazine
Schön! Magazine

Music by at the event
Picture Book
Guest DJ
Jonbenet Blonde

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