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Deep within the arctic circle lies Svalbard, a small Norwegian archipelago home to about two thousand people, a seed bank — and a near-endless collection of stories. Parajumpers is exploring tales like these in their latest campaign, fittingly titled “STORIES.”

This campaign, which releases in connection with their new AW19 collection, journeys around the world to showcase extraordinary individuals, passionate people with unique experiences in and around the outdoors — starting with Wiggo Antonsen, a local taxi driver and sightseeing tour operator who long traded the Norwegian mainland for Svalbard’s icy lands.

In “STORIES,” the brand travels to the snowbound valleys of the arctic circle, introducing viewers to the almost otherworldly nature of Svalbard. In Svalbard, there is no crime. Everyone knows everyone, and when the subzero temperatures of winter rear their ugly head, the group bands together, creating a communal warmth across 51 different cultures.

Its pure-white emptiness can be both literally and figuratively chilling at times, but, as Parajumpers explains in the first instalment of “STORIES,” there is truly nothing like the remote beauty of Svalbard.

The pictures painted in this selection are gorgeous: black water hitting an icy shore, an empowered community in the middle of arctic expanse. It takes a special kind of person to move to a place like Svalbard, and in “STORIES,” these histories are looked at with a caring and appreciative eye.

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