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Using taped audio of private phone calls between bandmates, Pandora Drive has created a series of short ‘Phonecall’ films, illustrating the trappings of 21st-century city life. Part music video, part documentary; the ‘Phonecall’ series introduces a new hybrid of filmmaking that gives meaning and context to their songs. We get an insight into bandmate Thomas Knights’ struggle with the connection that inspired much of their debut EP. “During the last years of using I tried to understand and articulate the madness, writing songs with Karin and Nick about a current crisis.”, Knights says. “It would be a form of therapy. Every time I would say ’never again’ and within weeks I would be right back there. I was trapped.”

Pandora Drive consists of producer and DJ Nick Sheldon, Swedish Grammy award-winning pop star Karin Park and photographer and director Thomas Knights who has drawn on his experience in fashion photography to capture the stylized, anxiety-fueled world of Pandora Drive.

Pandora Drive’s ‘Albino Heart’ is available on Spotify and iTunes

direction. Thomas Knights
cinematography + edition. Manuel Mollá
additional sound design. David Etherington 


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