out of place


top + cardigan. N21
skirt. Hui
shoes. Arcosanti
necklaces. Gogo Philip
earrings. Giuliana Mancinelli Bonafaccia
body + earrings. GCDS
shirt. Valentino
shoes. La Saunda

She is out of this world and out of place in this world. Photographer Erica Fava captures the alien beauty of model Jeske van der Pal amidst the residential gaudiness in this Schön! online editorial. Glamorous fashion by Mirko De Propis is far from the ordinary with pieces from Just Cavalli and Valentino. While Emanuele Altieri creates a mesmerising plastic look with hair and make up.

coat. N21
belt. Nadya Dzyak
shoes. Lamperti
necklace. Iosseliani
top. La Perla
skirt. Melampo
boots. Arcosanti
bag + choker. GCDS
bag. Giuliana Mancinelli Bonafaccia
bracelet. Angostura

jacket. I’M Isola Marras
dress. Greta Boldini
tights. Girardi
shoes. Damiano Marini
necklace. Iosseliani
body. Nadya Dzyak
tights. Girardi
shoes. Lamperti
choker. GCDS

dress. La Perla
coat. Just Cavalli
earrings. Angostura
rings. Iosseliani
dress. Nadya Dzyak
top. Greta Boldini
boots. Lamperti
earrings + rings. Iosseliani

jacket + trousers. Marco Rambaldi
boots. Arcosanti
necklace. Iosseliani
belt. Gogo Philip
lingerie. La Perla
balaclava. I’m Isola Marras
dress. Just Cavalli
shoes. Arcossanti
earrings. Iosseliani
chain. Gogo Philip
necklace. Giuliana Mancinelli Bonafaccia

This Schön! online exclusive has been produced by

photography. Erica Fava
fashion. Mirko De Propis
model. Jeske van der Pal @ Monster Management
hair + make up. Emanuele Altieri using studio13, Viseart, ParisBerlin + shuuemura
photography assistant. Camilla Postiglione
fashion assistants. Alice Ciccarelli + Elena Brozzi
beauty assistant. Vanessa di Serafino
set design. Off Scenica


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