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Whilst the skincare, make up and wellness industry has seen rapid growth in recent years, it seems much of the industry is still behind on providing women with intimacy products that are designed for — and in the interests of — well, women. Although conversations surrounding pleasure and satisfaction are thankfully reaching the mainstream, it is evident that there is still a long way to go when it comes to opening up this discussion.

Natural beauty company You&Oil has long been a game-changer in this field, recognising the industry’s shortcomings and working hard to combat them. Now, You&Oil is excited to share more about its OMG-YES! lube, a natural lubricant made from plant extracts balanced perfectly for a woman’s body.

In sleek and minimalist packaging, the organic, pH-balanced vaginal lubricant aims to improve and enhance women’s pleasure by providing ease and hydration during sexual experiences. OMG-YES! has already won the Vivaness 2021 Award for “Best New Product”, and with glowing reviews from around the world, this lubricant is set to be a new bedroom favourite. The lubricant itself is gentle, offering a paraben- and fragrance-free experience that truly focuses on women’s pleasure. By creating a product that relaxes sexual experiences,  You&Oil’s OMG-YES! lube effectively bridges the body itself with the emotional resonance of sex, making for a remarkably impressive and innovative experience. 

OMG-YES! is a continuation of You&Oil’s long-running commitment to natural beauty and wellness products. Founded by Birutė Nastaravičiūtė in 2013, You&Oil has a multitude of offerings spanning various areas of beauty and wellbeing, each one embracing a focus on nature and science. Every one of the brand’s formulations are biodegradable and are packaged in beautiful glass containers instead of environmentally-damaging plastic.

As evidenced by its OMG-YES! lube, You&Oil emphasises research and studies to find formulas and ingredients by their scientific team that maximise the experience for their customers. From specific essential oils targeting stress and disturbed sleep to an aphrodisiac toothpaste and CBD infused cream, this natural, organic, vegan and cruelty free brand is changing the beauty and wellness arena, one original product at a time. Discover the OMG-YES! lube and the label’s full line of natural products on You&Oil’s website.

Discover OMG-YES! and more from You&Oil on the label’s website.

photography. Tomas Griskevicius
fashion. Victoria Dias
words. Maya Orbach

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