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full looks. Tamara Pasquinucci


ologrammi in divenire

Journey of existence.
Birth and death, memories, conjuncture of the circle.
In Peace.

Energy that materializes and then dematerializes again, until it becomes another subject.
And then again

In the symbol of the brides,
forms in perpetual transformation, holograms in the making.

Inspiration from the forms of Nature,
to form fabrics, textures.
Sustainability, recycling.

Sensitivity and attention drawing from the sun.

Originality, Truth, in the Light.

Designer Tamara Pasquinucci is an artist who sees poetry and art in everything she does — her creativity is a medium that constantly flows, with harmony and sensitivity characterising the way she approaches her work. Growing up in the Tuscan countryside, Pasquinucci studied painting in the Institute of Art of Florence before working in architecture and décors but it is as a fashion designer that she found her true calling.

In this photo series, titled “Ologrammi in Divenire,” Pasquinucci teams up with photographer and director Leonardo Casalini. Playing with lighting, nature, and the energy of the lands, this feminine, elegant, and enigmatic collection goes beyond mere fashion — expressing a whole unique understanding of reality, art and love. Schön! spoke with the designer to discuss what drives her art, how clothes are a medium for the expression of complex emotions and the artistic inspirations behind her latest offering.

full looks. Tamara Pasquinucci

What made you want to become a designer, and how did you start?

As a child, I always buzzed around my father as he cultivated the land: I gathered clods, pebbles, petals and twigs. I put them together and then drew, built rooms, little pieces of furniture and accessories. These were timeless spaces, where the watchword was creativity. And now I can affirm that my passion for art and design has always been part of me. I am now aware of it. My roots sink into the earth, like a tree, a flower, a blade of grass – this is where I find my inspiration, from this scratching between the clods and the observation of what surrounds me.

I was born 58 years ago, between the hills of Vinci and the wonders of Florence, a territory rich in beauty; this is where my journey begins, between amusement, experience and knowledge. After having participated in a national painting competition, I decided to attend the Institute of Art in Florence, enrolling in the painting section, and then moving on to architecture and decor.  After completing my studies, I began to design and dress places, spaces, houses, and today my innate curiosity, and the uncontrollable desire for truth allows me to go wherever my heart takes me.

full looks. Tamara Pasquinucci

What drew you to words and poetry?

Language is an art, I follow my hand, my voice and my vision of truth. The verb has a powerful effect, it is a form of expression that allows us to transmit emotions, make the senses vibrate, turn our gaze to new perspectives. Poetry. Verb. Creation. An ocean of information to be stored on multiple levels, a fascinating, evolutionary journey.

Are there any poets or artists that have inspired this collection, and how?

Dante. Dante, referring to love as a universal motor; love and passion in creating, in the actions that move, generate and illuminate everything.

full looks. Tamara Pasquinucci

How does the name “Ologrammi in Divenire” relate to this project?

Everything is transformed, everything changes in a succession of images that materialise themselves through the cosmic flow. “Ologrammi in divenire” is the materialisation of freedom — it is a holistic approach, a new vision of fashion, of real life. A sartorial project, born to resonate with those I have in front of me, with their soul; I understand the materials as if it is skin, so my clothes come to life. My vision of fashion is created on the spot, using natural, sustainable fibre. I aspire to the creation of a timeless dress, I dare to say a sacred garment. I conceived the dress as “sacredness.”

full looks. Tamara Pasquinucci

What would you like people to grasp while looking at this series?

The freedom to listen to ourselves and to be able to choose. To choose without following rational trends or patterns, but to resonate with the hidden parts of ourselves, enriching every moment of our lives. To wear whatever you want in complete freedom: essential cuts, colours, geometries, always in harmony with nature. Dressing in well-being, an element I find vital for the balance between body, spirit and mind.

You mention that ideas turn into matter for you, associating fashion with events, objects, spaces. What inspired the idea of “Ologrammi in Divenire”?

“Ologrammi in divenire” is the lighting and the materialisation of a vision connected to the flow, progress, existence. Meeting and getting in touch with Leonardo, the photographer, has brought to maturity the styling, as well as the places we used, even of those who live there; the body is home, it is a secret garden. There is a connection between us, two creative expressions, two souls in the flow; thanks to our meeting the project acquired strength, together we tell visible and invisible details of each creation. Leonardo, with his shots, captures the metamorphosis of matter, the magic of the present, the texture of being here and now. Photography is an important witness of truth.

full looks. Tamara Pasquinucci

full looks. Tamara Pasquinucci

Your work is about organic elegance, nature being your “inspiring muse.” Have you always felt such a connection with the natural world?

Yes, there has always been a strong connection between Nature and me, and I believe its manifestation to be more and more natural nowadays. I think back to the dances I did as a child in the midst of moths when my parents burned the olive tree prunings… There was a journey between shapes, smells… Almost musical… This connection with nature is also given by the context in which I was born and grew up in: the Tuscan countryside. A great richness that I then perceived as discomfort, limit and loneliness during adolescence. However, growing up, travelling, experiencing new people and places and getting out of that landscape put me in front of so many contradictions and suffering… And thanks to that “uneasiness”, I now love my roots and understand my mission.

That is why I feel so close to nature. That is why nature is constantly echoing in me. A nature to be respected, and perceived as a source for progress and growth. What is invention and creation comes from this very recognition of that natural DNA, which is within us.

full looks. Tamara Pasquinucci

full looks. Tamara Pasquinucci

There is an on-going idea of flow, calm and peace that can be found in the looks, the photographs and the poem you wrote for “Ologrammi in Divenire.” Do you believe fashion to be a good medium to express your inner emotions?

Fashion for me is an expression of the self in harmony with the universe. A genuine, authentic, essential, organic expression. Dresses reveal the vibrations of the wearer in unison. Fashion manifests itself as the dressing of the soul, at every level; I understand the process of dressing up as liberation from masks and social conditioning. My goal is thus to make your body feel at home, fed and recognised.

In every dress, there is listening, synergy, resonance with a bigger whole – it is therefore all about a profound and holistic approach. Natural clothes, biodegradable fabrics, sustainable and timeless fashion…

What are you now looking forward to?

Creating, informing, guiding, transmitting, through forms of art and expression plans. But more importantly, remember the universal focus that supports everything I do: love!

full looks. Tamara Pasquinucci

full looks. Tamara Pasquinucci


Find out more information about Tamara Pasquinucci on her website. Make sure to check out her Instagram and Twitter to stay in the know about her future ventures.

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all designs + creative direction. Tamara Pasquinucci
photography. Leonardo Casalini
models. Elisa Torselli + Emma Rose Marchesi
make up. Lisa Pascucci
interview. Hugo Scheubel

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