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By embracing popular culture and taking inspiration from literature, Northern Ballet provides a unique interpretation of traditional dance. Based on George Orwell’s dystopian masterpiece, 1984 will change the way you think about ballet. Created by guest choreographer and former Royal Ballet dancer Jonathan Watkins, the contemporary production is cutting-edge and modern. By targeting a younger audience who are perhaps oblivious to the true origins of Big Brother and Room 101, Northern Ballet aims to inspire the next generation of ballet dancers and spectators.

In Orwell’s 1984, ‘Big Brother’ controls all aspects of life in Britain. Winston Smith, a minor member of the elite party, works at The Ministry of Truth, rewriting records of the past to make sure that they correspond with the official version of events. Winston acquires a secret diary, and illegally documents his independent thoughts whilst outwardly conforming to the regime. When Winston meets Julia, he risks everything by starting a secret affair and choosing his desire for love over party discipline.

As one of the first successful pieces of dystopian fiction, 1984 has had a huge impact on popular culture, inspiring novels such as The Hunger Games and V for Vendetta.

Artistic Director, David Nixon OBE, explains: “Jonathan is an exciting choreographic talent and I am delighted that he accepted my invitation to create 1984 with us. This production promises to challenge the idea of what stories can be told through dance and the dramatic talent of our dancers will draw the audience into the very core of this literary masterpiece.” The production also features a brand new score from Tony nominated Composer Alex Baranowski, who recently worked with Mercury Prize Winners The xx. Baranowski’s dynamic score will be performed live by Northern Ballet Sinfonia. With tickets on sale now, do not miss the chance to see this iconic cult-classic reimagined for a modern audience.

Discover the 1984 production here.

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