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full looks. Ng2 Studios

Twin designers Margarita and Cristina Ng Ng create pieces inspired by their twin experience, scientific study and a love of streetwear. Drawing its name from the designer duo’s shared family name, Ng2 Studios produces works that play with size and form, with particular love and attention given to oversized pieces and voluminous works.

This collection, created as part of their MFA in fashion design, exemplifies these traits. Schön! spoke to the twin designers to hear more about this collection, its influences and what the label has planned for the future.

You were born in the Dominican Republic to Chinese parents. How does that history influence your designs today?

To be honest, there is no influence in our designs despite our two nationalities. We wanted to dive into our lives as fraternal twins as the main focal point. We believe that having been living in New York for over a decade has exposed and influenced us to different styles of fashion and trends. We love streetwear fashion and the oversized look, and that’s how we get influenced in our designs.


full looks. Ng2 Studios

The theme of this collection is Nature vs. Nurture. Where did you get the idea to use this as inspiration?

Our previous thesis proposal for our MFA degree was about the studies of twins in general, and the topic of Nature vs. Nurture is a complementary theme that comes into play; it plays a crucial role in this project. Nature vs. Nurture revolves around the lives of twins which play a critical part in each twins’ growth and development and in showcasing their similarities and differences.

We have seen a lot of scientists who have been studying twins for quite some time, and the reason for that is because twins provide a valuable source of information for health and psychological research.

Nature vs. Nurture is in conjunction with our personal twin lives, our identification of twinness, which is the main focus on this collection: our similarities and differences. The idea of “ageing” was included later on in the game. We discovered this concept through many pages of ideas, fittings and editing.

How did this inspiration influence the collection?

We interpreted Nature vs. Nurture as the differences and similarities. These include our liking of colours and fashion inclinations. The grading system of patterns was understood as the creation of shapes. Ageing which was later introduced as the physical dimensions of the garments.

full looks. Ng2 Studios

full looks. Ng2 Studios

Can you tell us some of the other influences for this collection?

Not only did we focus on the Nature vs. Nurture part, but also we incorporated the grading system of patterns which is the process of turning base size or sample size patterns into additional sizes of the body’s measurements. My sister and I created a grading system rule for nature and nurture where we consider “nature” that grows equally in size whereas “nurture” grows based on how the environment shapes the body of a person. With that, we implemented another rule that was based on our memories from our lives as twins and created several layers that represented our age which means how many years we have been living since we were born. That’s when it comes to the idea of layering and ageing.

What other roles does the fact that you’re fraternal twins play in the brand?

Since we both share and display some differences and similarities in personalities, physical traits and the way we think and act towards a matter play a role of “balance/harmony.”

We are constantly feeding each other with ideas and opinions which is easy for us to grasp information.

There have been a lot of people who have asked us throughout our lives: “how does it feel being a twin? Do you read each other’s minds?” — these questions are commonly asked. The curiosity of knowing how to embody/experience a twin’s life has encouraged us to dive deeper into this topic, and what we best know is “Us.”

full looks. Ng2 Studios

Why did you decide to move to New York? How does the city play a role in your designs today?

Our parents wanted us to have a better education, so they thought we were better off to pursue our degrees in the Big Apple. New York is a rich city with a vast diversity of people from different cultures: food, fashion, beliefs/religions and art. When it comes to fashion in New York, there is no restriction in age, size and colour. Fashion is a form of expression and art, and people here are not afraid of expressing it.

What’s been inspiring you lately?

We love to go to home decor stores and look around at what is new on display and get some inspiration from that. Since we can’t go out that much due to the pandemic, we check what they have in stores on their websites.

What’s next for Ng2 Studios?

That’s funny! That’s the question we keep asking ourselves. After a tough period of completing our collection, we haven’t thought about it yet. Probably continuing to expand our brand to other places that haven’t been reached.

full looks. Ng2 Studios

Discover Ng2 Studios on its website, and follow the label on Instagram.

all designs. Ng2 Studios – Margarita & Cristina Ng Ng
photography + video assistant. Boyang Hu
fashion. Ng2 Studios – Margarita & Cristina Ng Ng
models. Yueyao Li (Wawa) @ EMG Models, Wang Yang
creative director + producer. Yueyao Li (Wawa)
make up. Amanda Braz
hair. Yu Nakata
video editor. YiXiang Li
videography, lighting + photo assistant. Michael Hu
hair accessories. Lory Sun

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