new york men’s ss16 collections open

Go behind-the-scenes with Phoebe Cheong as she captures the very best of New York Fashion Week: Men’s.  

Jackson McKeehan’s Boyswear kicks us off with a rollicking ride of 70s silhouettes and bold multi-ethnically inspired prints: usual suspects such as flowers and mountains, mixed with not-so-usual dancing goats!

West Coast-based CWST brought us a rich interplay of harsh lines and soft, corrugated textures, in a monochromatic palette of black, white, and navy blue.

David Hart introduced us to a new, trippier type of dandy, with colors and patterns inspired by the Bauhaus movement, and must-have bichromatic spectacles.



Amidst a backdrop of buzzing blue fluorescent lights, GarciaVelez presents relaxed daytime suits in bold shades of blue, green, and yellow, with accents of orange and muted papaya.

With a model cast featuring favorites like Abiah Hostvedt and Piero Mendez, Plac brings us the ultimate squad of urban cool kids dressed in updated classics.

Photography / Phoebe Cheong


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