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jacket + trousers. Kim Perets
top. Vintage
boots. Dr. Martens

Designer Kim Perets has always had a penchant for the unique — and in this new series, Perets has taken this love of oddity in a whole new direction. The pieces put forth in Me, Myself & I offer a bold range of complexly constructed works, with each piece highlighting the designer’s skill for texture and form. Here, Perets has paired the pieces with the work of photographer Elliott Pasinsky, who creates a dreamy atmosphere that perfectly illuminates the label’s work. Schön! speaks to Perets about this new series.

Introduce our readers to this new series. What inspired this collection?

This series was created during a summer in Tel Aviv. As always, we had a blazing hot summer here in the city. For me, it’s a struggle to go out looking elegant when it is this hot. Getting dressed is a challenge, and it brings me back to the “Windows” that I have unintentionally designed last year; a full flared skirt, cut from five meters of fabric, perforated with squares from the hips down to the floor. I felt inspired by femininity as powerful figures surround me, and had a strong desire to design with that in mind — even though I had a notion that it was not yet the time to create a new collection from zero, with the pandemic hovering. It felt like a time to be retrospective and examine my work so far, and my skirt design felt like the beginning of something unique.

top. Vintage
trousers. Kim Perets
boots. Dr. Martens

bralette. H&M
skirt. Kim Perets
hi-waist briefs. Naomi & Nicole

You say you used almost no new material in this collection. What motivated this decision?

While working on new collections, there is a lot of fabric research as well as concept research. Much of it is “gut-based”, and a lot of materials that are purchased get left behind. I have decided to go back to that gut feeling and try to reconnect with the decision that made me get it — to reuse materials is always an inspiration in its core, to not want to waste.

What did you learn from limiting yourself to mostly old material? 

I have learned the importance of going back sometimes and not always moving forward. Some projects take longer than one season, and it’s okay to stop the wheel and still create new designs based on designs that already exist and need more attention and tightening. One of the most important things in building my brand is to maintain sustainability and a cruelty-free workplace. It brings me so much joy to always find new ways to manifest these principles.

You mentioned the change in art, architecture and digital scenery as part of the background that inspired this. Where do you find these elements, mainly digital scenery, making its way into your work?

NFTs are a rising platform. I see a lot of digital artists getting recognition and managing to sell their art through it, and it’s very inspiring. I got to witness a lot of video art lately, and honestly became so aware of an art form that in its way is pure as it has no material waste. My work mostly starts digitally with pattern creations, and the garment making is always the result. I wish to learn more about this art form, and I’m currently working on a special collaboration in this subject that I am very excited about.

bralette. H&M
skirt. Kim Perets
hi-waist briefs. Naomi & Nicole
jacket. Kim Perets

How does this included photo series by Elliott Pasinsky further your vision?

Elliot is an artist as well as a photographer. We met through social media and became friends from afar. We appreciate each other’s work, and when we decided to shoot this project together on my last trip to LA, I told him in advance that I am giving him free artistic decision making license. He already knew my vision for creating and I trusted him to be able to give it new life through his talent. I was there for support and technical advice but mostly tried to let him do his work, and as I figured it was better than I imagined.

What’s been inspiring you recently?

Lately I have been very inspired by street art surrounding me in Tel Aviv. I am sharing a studio space that is an artist’s house where I’m the only fashion designer, and it’s inspiring to live around it and witness the evolution of their process. I trust you will see its effects soon in my new collection coming up.

What’s next for you as a designer?

The next step will be production and distribution of my designs. Also, manage to find a responsible way to manufacture my work to a larger audience. I want to grow my business through stores and my online shop that is currently updated with my new series in limited stock.

bralette. H&M
suit. Kim Perets
hi-waist briefs. Naomi & Nicole
boots. Dr. Martens

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fashion design. Kim Perets
photography. Elliott Pasinsky
fashion. Oana Diaconu
model. Caroline Beagles @ Mazza Models
hair, make up + photography assistant. Nikki Gerdes

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