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In recent years many fashion giants have reinvented themselves, a sign of the changing times, but no house has articulated progression as decisively as Moncler. This year, the Italian label heralded a new era with Moncler Genius, which saw the fashion house take a new direction where seasons play a much smaller role. In February, it opened the Moncler Genius Building. It was here on 19th September, the first day of Milan Fashion Week, that ‘The Next Chapter’ was unveiled. At the launch, the Genius collections were presented through film installations. Four designers — namely Simone Rocha, Craig Green, Noir Kei Ninomiya and Fragment Hiroshi Fujiwara — were invited to present their vision of their capsules and the brand’s new chapter through film.


Simone Rocha conceived an English garden in bloom. Craig Green explored his pieces by having them perform in sculptural form. Noir Kei Ninomiya translated his designs into 3D reconstructions and Fragment Hiroshi Fujiwara made a short film that cinematically imagines the journey through elements and seasons. Moncler also reimagined its own 1952 collection in visuals where geometric shapes took centre stage. The different videos performed as one, in that they all showcased the transcendence of creativity.


‘The Next Chapter’ reconceptualises fashion as a testament to our digital age where we have access to so many different creative approaches and media, connecting all generations. Moncler remains unchallenged in outerwear, giving its vision primacy over the normative seasonal sphere of fashion, and going against the grain of fashion norms. The fashion world should take note of this innovative project, understanding that fashion really isn’t about static rules but should be constantly evolving.



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words. Sarah Osei

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