Icelandic Adventure | Moncler teams up with Liu Bolin and Annie Leibovitz

Becoming one with nature, Chinese artist Liu Bolin and American photographer Annie Liebovitz reunite to create another mesmerizing Moncler campaign. This Autumn/Winter 17-18 visual plays around the concept of trompe l’oeil with an invisible human figure fading into vibrant Nordic landscape. In her sixth Moncler shoot, Leibovitz captures wintry Iceland, doing anything but distract from the region’s natural beauty: her work is in keeping with the icebergs and crystallized snow, a choice that speaks volumes on Moncler’s deep respect for nature.    

Leibovitz takes her stunning images a step further with Liu Bolin’s practice of signature invisibility. Bolin is immersed in the scene, subtly wearing Moncler outerwear as he fuses with the natural landscape. He’s almost overlooked, with hand-painted camouflage covering his face, body, and clothes. 

The campaign brings luxury outerwear and nature together in a refreshing way. The man-vs-nature contrast is no more and the present harmony looks to the future. While Moncler has always pushed for total belonging in the natural world, the surrealism represented in this campaign embodies the brand perfectly and challenges everyone to embrace the natural sublime. 

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Words / Autumn Hill
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