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Launched in 2017 by Danilo Esposito, Modiverso designs luxury fashion while paying close attention to the small details. Beginning as a model at the age of fifteen, Esposito always had a different vision for his place in the industry — not in front of the camera, but designing the clothes that people like him would be wearing on runways or buying from fashion houses around the world. When he later left the modelling industry, he shifted his focus entirely to this vision, debuting Modiverso in the German city of Frankfurt am Main three years ago. Today, Modiverso has grown, creating luxury products for customers around the world with a focus on detail and the experience of buying and wearing the clothes.

Schön! spoke with Esposito about the label and his plans for the future. 

Why did you start Modiverso? 

I have always been enthusiastic about fashion, which is why I started modelling when I was fifteen. When I decided to stop modelling, I still wanted to stay true to fashion, which is how the dream of my own fashion brand emerged. Modiverso was born. My motivation was never the money, but the passion for fashion, to realize the dream of seeing my own clothes in the hottest fashion houses. One of the best feelings for me is when I see someone wearing Modiverso.

What inspires your work? 

You can’t reinvent fashion; that’s what I’ve come to terms with. I take my inspiration from everywhere: social media, boutiques or fashion magazines. If I see even a small detail that I like, I grab my mobile phone and take a photo and use the pictures as inspiration for my new designs.


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What is your story in the fashion industry?

In 2017, I founded my label Modiverso. My vision is to design luxury fashion. It should be an experience to buy something from Modiverso! It should make people happy! My style is characterised by combining sportiness and elegance. The result is impressive! The brand got around in no time so now many celebrities wear Modiverso without [us] paying them for it. I’m very proud of that!

You said that buying Modiverso should be “an experience”. What kind of experience is that?

Yes, exactly. I think luxury fashion should be an experience. People who decide to spend €100 to €200 on a t-shirt have not only opted for that beautiful t-shirt, but an experience. You want to be part of the brand. It starts with the packaging, how the customer receives the product, and ends with the last seam. It’s the small details that make the product special, and I try to let our customers experience that as well as possible.

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What can you tell us about the pieces we see in this editorial?

My top priority is always quality and attention to detail. I designed the products from the gut. I always have moments when I feel especially creative. I then sit down and start drafting a design, and it usually doesn’t take me long to finish the design. I don’t necessarily orient myself according to a topic; the design arises from my mood. I think that not every theme or design fits on a t-shirt, but it can look very good on a sweater. I don’t design a classic fashion collection as you know it presently.

What do you think are some of the problems facing the luxury fashion market today? 

There are currently too many hype brands that sell everything from t-shirts to pens. The main thing is that the name of the brand is on it. And that’s really just a profit thought. But the love of fashion and quality is totally lost there.

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What does it mean to you to be a luxury brand?

For me, luxury means exclusivity — compare it to a first class flight, for example. Everyone would like to fly first class, but not everyone can afford it. Modiverso will therefore not be found in every store, but only in selected stores around the world. With Modiverso, I sell dreams!

What would you like for the future of Modiverso?

I would like to achieve even more international awareness with Modiverso someday — I promise everyone will know Modiverso someday! But everything is a step-by-step process. I have no pressure. I finance everything myself, so it is also more difficult. It would be a dream for me to be able to exhibit Modiverso at Harrods or Gallery Lafayette soon.

Discover more from Modiverso on its website and follow the label on Instagram.

photography. Stefan Ott @ Bnchmrkd Production GmbH
model. Yonael Elias Gizaw

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