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Director Polina Zabavina and dop Vladislav Tinkov team up to play with colour and intimacy in this Schön! online exclusive film. Models Anna Nazarova, Elena Yakubinskaya, Victoria Sid, Anton Petrov, and Vyacheslav Matveenko play around and intermix, set to music by Alla Suprahn. Make up for the production is by Valentina Pokrovskaya and Svetlana Kovalinskaya, while Sergey Rogozhnikov and Maria Komarovich serve as film editor and line producer, respectively.


This Schön! online exclusive has been produced by

direction + executive production. Polina Zabavina
director of photography + colourist. Vladislav Tinkov
models. Anna Nazarova, Elena Yakubinskaya, Victoria Sid, Anton Petrov + Vyacheslav Matveenko
make up. Valentina Pokrovskaya + Svetlana Kovalinskaya
film editor. Sergey Rogozhnikov
line production. Maria Komarovich
music. Alla Suprahn

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