Schön! Video presents |mise en dior

Welcome to the virtual world of Dior with the Dior Pearl. Where is it going? Breathlessly following its every move, we experience each twist and turn from the Pearl’s point of view, to the rhythm of an original electro-remix of Mozart. Each score of points is marked by a Dior icon. It is a step forward in the creation of the “Mise en Dior” necklace. Exhilarated by its adventure in this fascinating Dior universe, the Pearl dialogues spontaneously with each of the house’s icons. The Bar jacket, Lady Dior, J’Adore, the star, Dior Addict…They’re all there.

And with each encounter the necklace comes closer to completion. In its element, the Pearl collides with a crystal bumper and scores one last time, before shooting off at top speed through an impressive metal canework ramp, worthy of the grand staircase of a stately ballroom. Chain reactions, heady excitement, futuristic neon and pure poetry in an ode to tradition: that is how the necklace is made. There it is, emblazoned on the medallion-shaped back panel of the chair-cum-pinball machine. The Pearl comes to rest, as part of the necklace. More free-spirited than ever. Exquisite. Dior.

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