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There are not many fashion brands that can be recognised with just a two letter monogram, but Calvin Klein isn’t just any fashion brand. In the past 30 years, the brand has continuously reinvented what it means to be a forward-thinking label. Calvin Klein’s iconic monogram tee has represented a signature of sorts for the brand; a piece of clothing that is so much more than just a regular t-shirt, but a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. 

Now, as a way to honour the iconic CK monogram while championing art, Calvin Klein is bringing together four rising artists from across EMEA to create bespoke, out-of-the-box installations. In collaboration with Hypebeast, Calvin Klein is helping blend the four artists’ distinct artistic talent and touch, with each one bringing their own idea of what CK represents to them.

The film, captured by acclaimed and celebrated director Nakaash Maqsood-Hussain, shows the inner-workings of the creative process for the artists. Audiences can see the artists develop their inspiration through the reimagining of the CK logo by using their own preferred mediums — whether that’s spray paint to graphic design. Maqsood-Hussain creates a universe within the warehouse where the artistry took place, showing what it’s like to truly exist within the artists’ minds. 

Much like how Calvin Klein honours its own heritage and history, the artists reach back through their own experiences and life to help create their larger-than-life installations. Alfie Kungu brings together a myriad of colours and shapes to show expressive movement, whereas Maïté Marque touches on her work in graphic design to show a surreal rendition of the monogram. Rafaella Braga highlights the street art culture of South America and uses it for her blank canvas, and Rediet Longo uses the graffiti in Milan as inspiration for his bold, punchy artistic hand.

Through the installation, the CK monogram is reimagined and a new path will be forged and shaped for the brand as a way to encourage anyone and everyone to embrace their own unique style and lean into expressing their individuality and self. The art represents the fact that clothing isn’t a mask, nor is it something that someone puts on to hide away. Instead, it’s a blank canvas — it is just one piece of an outfit that the wearer chooses to showcase their identity, thoughts, feelings, desires, and so much more.

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photography. Nakaash Maqsood-Hussain
videography. Adam Barnett
words. Kelsey Barnes

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