Dreams of City Escape with Maya Hawke and ALLSAINTS

As the autumn sun graces us with its presence, and the hustle and bustle of a month of fashion show commences, dreams of city escapes and return to nature are suddenly a far favourable reality. While the last rays of summer kiss the sun-beaten pavements, Maya Hawke draws us into a pastoral reverie for the Spring 2017 ALLSAINTS collection film. Embodying the perfect Americana roadtrip and the nostalgia for a communion with nature, Maya Hawke, the daughter of Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke, guides willing dreamers into vast landscapes and wooded scenes. Fittingly, we follow our guide in her hometown whereabouts – in the secret nature nooks of Woodstock.

_6_allsaints_ss17Studying at The Julliard School in New York City, Maya Hawke’s return to home turf in autumnal tones perfectly captures the bid for freedom we so desire. Wil Beedle, creative director at ALLSAINTS, explains that the “collection that expresses the codes and vices of the city colliding with the pastoral idyll of the countryside.” Lace and knit pieces collide with classic urban pieces such as silk bombers. “The imagined wardrobe of an innocent ingénue is juxtaposed with the codes of a hard and dangerous city,” he muses, “embodied by the collage of intricate broderie anglaise and patent leather fetish boots.”

As we are drawn deeper into the forest ballad, Maya Hawke’s sheer youthfulness and zestful take on life are infectious. “Anyone who spends any time with Maya will tell you that she’s smart, cool and possesses an infectious enthusiasm for new ideas, the creative process, and life in general.” In short, a perfect personification of ALLSAINTS’ love for freedom.


allsaintsRather than forcing our way through crowded streets and concrete conundrums, ALLSAINTS invite us to take a step back and enter into an oneiric alternative: “Taking a trip up to Woodstock with Maya to capture the collection in the environment that inspired it – and then share it a week later with the world – felt more appropriate, more free, more now.”

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