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Maison Fin De Saison is the beautiful brainchild of a London based, European grown brother and sister design duo with a proclivity for the Avante Garde.  The pair recently introduced their debut womenswear collection; a dynamic fusion of Southeastern influences and European ideologies shaped by their personal experiences. The brand’s signature strong, clean silhouettes juxtapose high femininity with masculine prints, creating an effortless industrial chic.   With an already established online presence, the fledgling house is preparing to debut at London Fashion Week this year in all its new age inspired artisanal glory.

To view the collection for yourself and to find out more about Maison Fin De Saison visit their website

Tell us about the Maison Fin De Saison and its origins?

Maison Fin De Saison, is a progressive vision, a propaganda, a chimerical notion. We create garb.
We are a brother and sister dyad that created this design house, despite our contradictory characters, through our shared love for philosophical writings in many forms of human language.  We do not necessarily speak these languages but we interpret them in our own way. My brother is the logical half of the brain and I the creative, together we unify as one visionary disposition.
The name Maison Fin De Saison, translated into the English language means ‘House’ End of Season.  The name itself was a vision of all the things we are associated with and all that holds a degree of fascination for us. Consider it to be a contradiction to the notion of normal, combined with a hint of humor.
We bring our imagination to purpose through GARB, each season gives precedence to the vision and the vision then foresees the making of the season. We introduce each season’s ideology through Black and White Film, a signature style of our work.

The helpless density of our language can be felt through the aura given to each of our seasonal films.  The execution of our design exemplifies minimalist structures, neutral tone and unusual fabric use. It is interesting as our vision is quite heavy yet when given form it is light and airy – quite the opposite.
With obsessive interests in the Avante Garde, the idea of mankind and the philosophy of liberation, we bring forward each season with a vision to stage. Season FW12 is known as ‘MAN GARB’.

What was the ideology behind your vision and the radio collaboration?

Yes, our current season MAN GARB, has been based on the notion of conscious and sub-conscious aura of mankind. We are lovers of the often genius music French Radio London play and also the idea of the human voice and language. After all, these are used as forms of expression to inflict the presence of thought and speech.
I met with the CEO of FRL, Pascal Grierson, and I put forward a very strange proposition to him, which happened to solidify. I was then introduced to the station’s Arts and Culture journalist and the project developed from there and has been ongoing ever since.
The intention is to bring forward a progressive exhibition within an exhibition, with FRL hosting the sound and recording accompanying MAN GARB.The idea of being able to portray the human voice through two very unlikely mechanics is liberating. Radio has always been transmitted to convey key messages, happenings and events to the world – this is something that, interestingly enough, coincides with the voice of Maison Fin De Saison’s – Man Garb, FW12.

You have previously mentioned the idea of liberation but what relation does propaganda have with Maison Fin De Saison?

Propaganda can be considered a particular set of doctrines.  We demonstrate each season as a form of propaganda that is ever changing with our peculiar obsessions. All of this is the not so obvious idea of liberation we speak of.

Have any of your pieces been worn yet, if so by whom and when?

Yes, we dressed the presenter for the arts and culture show on FRL. She selected the piece ‘Libre’ from our film to wear to FRL’s major event. We were humbled by the reception of our work from female and male personalities alike.

There are other collaborations in the pipeline for the future but we would prefer to remain quiet about it.

You are philosophically inspired, would you say that there is a specific phrase or mantra that has inspired your designs?

Definitely.  The piece shown in our film, which is heavily trimmed with Guinea fowl, was directly influenced by an immediate sense of feeling by this phrase from Rousseau.  In fact the piece is even called ‘Libre’:  L’homme est né libreMan was born free.

Where will we find you in 2012?

The exhibit Man Garb, London, The Himalaya’s, New York and directing the next film for the next season which we look forward to sharing with SCHON early August 2012.

To view the collection for yourself and to find out more about Maison Fin De Saison visit their website





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