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DUNDU 2012 _ short teazer ( 2012) from logopilot designstudio on Vimeo.

At our ‘Welcome to Deutschland’ event, we wanted to create a magical and unique atmosphere for our guests. The hypnotising five meter tall dancing puppet, Dundu, provided a stunning centre piece, towering over the guests on the decks of the great ship MS Deutschland.

The sophisticated and innovative design is the creation of Tobias Husemann, an artist from Stuttgart. Dundu’s transparent, flexible body, made up of individual fibre strands weaved together, was handled and steered by a team who collectively breathed life into the gigantic puppet.

Despite its monumental size and imposing appearance, the puppet moved smoothly across the decks with natural grace and charm. It danced and interacted with the guests with surprisingly humanistic actions.

The most spectacular moment happened after the sun had set when Dundu burst into life, illuminating the night with hundreds of little white lights. It created a stunning ambience, reflecting light and transfixing the guests as they watched him dance solo one last time before the party wound down.

Dundu truly is something special. Words alone cannot describe its captivating nature, so see for yourself…

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