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Last week, German Giant Gin made its debut in the capital city of its namesake country: Berlin. The company was founded in June of 2021 by Nabal Araya, immediately setting out to create a new, progressive gin brand. Targeting a young demographic, the label seeks to revolutionise the spirits industry with bold style and a high-quality product.

Now, the tasty gin is ready to make its debut, doing so in an event that featured some of Berlin’s best and brightest. On the backdrop of tunes by DJs Martafakka and Stimulus, the event took place across several areas at the In-Hotel Provocateur, where attendees danced and conversed while sipping on the fresh new spirit. Eventually, Rap superstar Badchieff welcomed everyone to the first “Giant Moment”, followed soon after by London rapper Unknown T. 

Everyone involved became part of a great and giant community. Explore photos from the evening, and look forward to four more launch events in other German cities coming soon.

Discover more from German Giant Gin on its website.

photography. Nico Knoll


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