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Life’s Now is a manifesto about what it means to be alive. The confluence of the earthly and the ideal embodied by two protagonists transitioning from adolescence to adulthood. Our changes, our fears, the excesses. An initiatory journey to finally find ourselves and still keep walking.

The film is the most recent project from director Francesca Canepa. Art direction is by Ysrael con Ygriega. Styling is by Mapi Boix. Cinematography is by Ellias Llanos

direction. Francesca Canepa
art direction. Ysrael con Ygriega
fashion. Mapi Boix
production. Maria Fernanda García
make up. Marina Montero + Maria Perez
dop. Ellias Llanos
talent. Klaudia Gago, Babac Timo, Marina Esteve, Ziyi Yang, Ana Bokesa, Gonzalo Herrero, Marta Levenfeld, Mario Saura, Julia Cortés, Omar el Pretinho, Pablo Cortés + Carlos Manglano
coordination. Paula Morillo
voice over. Hannah Harper
editing. Gino Moreno
sound design. Stereomonkey Studio + Raul Astete
1st ad. Valeria Figallo
1st ac. Alejandro Duran
colourist. Nadia Khairat
aux. Luis Parada
gaffer. Alberto León
sparks. Carolina Maltese
production assistance. David Martinez
art direction assistance. Irene Cogolludo
scouters. Cati Clairac + Martín
runners. Marta Duran, Vero + Martina Carla


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