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The camera purrs as film winds back into its spool. For this Schön! online editorial shot by Laura Knoops and Arnaud Ele, model Sonny is our vintage femme du jour – a mystery who comes and goes as she pleases. Styled in pieces from 9-1ppm, Arthur Avellano, Paco Rabanne and others by Jill Gattegno, she won’t leave our memory anytime soon. Hair and make up are by Les Filles.

net. Stylist’s own
top. 91ppm
trousers. Arthur Avellano
shoes. Hustler’s Los Angeles
earrings + glasses. Alphonse Maitrepierre

earrings + dress. Alphonse Maitrepierre
shoes. Sergio Rossi
dress. Paco Rabanne
earrings. Vintage

dress. Paco Rabanne
shoes. Gucci
earrings. Vintage

jacket. 91Ppm
earrings. Pittsbrock Vintage
scarf. Hermes

coat. Jean Louis Scherrer
necklace. Pittsbrock Vintage
sunglasses. Gucci

dress. 91ppm
earrings + necklace. Pittsbrock Vintage

dress + trousers. Alphonse Maitrepierre
bralette. La Perla
shoes. Marc Jacobs
earrings + necklace. Pittsbrock Vintage

top + leggings. Courreges — La Mirabello
shoes. Alphonse Maitrepierre
necklace. Vintage

This Schön! online exclusive has been produced by

story. Laura Knoops + Arnaud Ele

photography. Laura Knoops 
Jill Gattegno 
model. Sonny Sun 
hair + make up.
Les Filles 
Hanae Goumri @ The Wall Group 
Les Bains Paris

direction. Arnaud Ele + Mourad Frarema 
models. Sonny Sun, David Sauderais + Marco Horanieh
art direction. Laura Knoops
production. Laura Knoops, Arnaud Ele, Mourad Frarema + Kuest Prod
dop. Emmanuele G. Cuesta
camera assistant. Johan Comte 
set assistant. Frédéric Fix
production assistant. Sarah Galfré
edition. Arnaud Ele + Mourad Frarema
colour grading. Alice Prudhomme
casting. Mourad Frarema
music. Goutte d’Eau – Arnaud Ele
special thanks. Puzzle Vidéo


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