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Tokyo based designer LEONARD WONG plays with the old and new, resulting in a perfect juxtaposition between traditional and futuristic fashion. His designs are minimalistic yet timeless. Not one to conform, he feels that like time, fashion is a process that develops and metamorphoses as classic and elegant clothing remains constant and always en vogue. Born in Shanghai, Wong graduated from Japan’s prestigious Bunka Fashion College in 2013. He is a finalist for the Italian Vogue young fashion designers award.

The nail, as this video is aptly named, is one of the the most basic structures which man have used through the ages to join objects together. In this video the nail takes us on a journey from ancient Egypt through to futuristic London all the while changing little and maintaining minimalistic elegance, reflecting the ethereal geometricity of LEONARD WONG’s designs.

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This video is produced by

Director / Daichi Yasuda
Cinematographer / Satoshi Uchikawa
Lighting Director / Yasuyuki Suzuki
Sound Design / Hidekazu Sakamoto
Makeup / Teruaki Shinjo using SHISEIDO
Model / Natalia
Wig, Face Piece, Swarovski Mask / SAKIE. (CUBE TOKYO)
Co-produce / Shigeyuki Komatsubara
Assistant Cameraman / Kosuke Matsuishi, Ken Yamamura, Ayano Ishii, Kei Nakamura and Hakase
Lighting 1st assistant / Haruki Shiga
Lighting technician / Reiji inoue
Chroma key / Vinicius Vian Assaeda (BISS)
Technical Support / Yumiko Kikumoto
LEONARD WONG STAFF / Seraphina Xie, Sachiko Richards, Misako Arai and Valerie Liao

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